Cycling czar targets 'unnecessary, short' car journeys

London's new cycling czar today set out ambitious plans to cut a quarter of all car journeys in London.

Walking and Cycling Commissioner Will Norman wants to persuade motorists who make 'unnecessary' journeys to become cyclists or pedestrians or switch to public transport.

Mr Norman, a former Nike executive, targetted short car rides including shopping trips and the school run.

He was hired by London mayor Sadiq Khan to replace previous cycling supremo, Andrew Gilligan.

City Hall claimed the NHS could save £1.7bn over 25 years if every Londoner walked or cycled for 20 minutes a day.

Mr Khan has promised to spend £154m on bike lanes and other measures to promote cycling.

Will Norman, cycling czar

The whole point of this approach is to shift those people who make unnecesary car journeys to think about alternative mechanisms. I think 25% of London's car journeys are of a short distance.

How can we encourage those people to feel that they're comfortable in terms of walking a bit more, cycling a bit more and using public transport a bit more.

It could be a walk to the shops instead of taking the car, a walk to the school instead of taking the car.


Mr Norman believes changes to road layout could help reduce conflict between cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

I think part of that is about how the infrastructure works, how the streets are laid out, so that can be partly designed in to things.

But it's also about civility and and an idea of people respecting other people on the streets. The vast majority of cyclists do not jump red lights.