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Sadiq Khan refuses to rule out a driving ban in central London in a bid to cut pollution

Sadiq Khan was speaking on ITV's Peston on Sunday. Credit: ITV/Peston on Sunday

Sadiq Khan has warned cars in central London could be banned entirely from the streets of London in an effort to combat air pollution. Earlier this week the mayor of London announced that from October some of the oldest and most polluting cars will have to pay a £10 'Toxicity Charge'.

On ITV's Peston on Sunday, Mr Khan was asked whether he was considering going further than the T-charge plan and could ban driving on certain days. The mayor responded by saying "nothing's off the table".

Mr Khan also suggested the Government should introduce a diesel scrappage scheme. Credit: ITV/Peston on Sunday

Well, nothing's off the table but I want to address the issue of poor quality air 365 days a year, not only on those days where the air is dangerous."

Credit: ITV/Peston on Sunday

Air pollution is linked to 9,000 early deaths a year in London, one of many places hit by the UK's air quality crisis, which has prompted the European Commission to issue a "final warning" to the Government for repeated breaches of legal limits.