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Baby dolphin spotted in Thames

Photo: Thames Rib Experience

A small dolphin, thought to be a baby, has been spotted swimming in the Thames near Embankment Pier.

The dolphin spent around two hours swimming in the area before it headed off in the direction of Tower Bridge.

It was filmed by shore staff at the Thames Rib Experience, which runs boats from the pier.

Credit: Thames Rib Experience

Lottie McCullagh, who spotted the dolphin, said she was shocked when she first saw it.

"It was swimming around for a couple of hours, it was tiny, probably a baby. It disappeared underwater when the boats passed, and it only appeared when the water was quiet.

"We were really shocked. I've worked here for three years and I've never seen one here before, and my colleague has been here longer and she's never seen one either.

"It headed towards Tower Bridge. I hope it will be alright."

– Lottie McCullagh, Thames Rib Experience shore staff

The most famous visitor to the Thames in recent years was a five metre long bottlenose whale spotted in January 2006. Sadly the whale died as attempts were made to rescue her and return her to the sea.

The bottlenose whale spotted in the Thames in 2006 Credit: ITN
A rescue attempt was made to save the whale found in the Thames in 2006 Credit: ITN