Horse in headphones listens to Coldplay while training

As she prepares to get back in the saddle for the first time since giving birth show jumper Yazmin Pinchen is preparing her horse with its very own soundtrack. In the hood are headphones for horses.

We have a device in here which is the battery power. And then the headphones - they're really tiny they weigh nothing so he doesn't notice at all.

– Yazmin Pinchen

The headphones can't be worn during competitions but Yasmin hopes using bluetooth technology during training could help her fulfil her dream of Olympic gold. And there's even a mic so Yasmin can whisper instructions in his ear.

I think he likes it. His favourite song is Coldplay, a bit of 'Fix You'.

– Yazmin Pinchen

The idea came from watching other athletes.

You see tennis players and they all get in the zone with their music on and I think HorseCom have tried to experiment with different animals to see if it works the same.

– Yazmin Pinchen

So far it seems to be. There's even the option of something a bit more upbeat. High tempo songs are the perfect preparation for high pressure events like The London Horse Show at Olympia.

Sometimes the person before you if you've had a good round they can play music really loud.

It can sometimes be that you're going in to the arena as that music is playing and that is really overwhelming for a horse so if they've got music in there ears most days that's going to be nothing for them.

They're going to go into that ring so I've essentially got one up on people who haven't tried this out yet.

– Yazmin Pinchen

The pair now have their sights set on Tokyo 2020 the only music they want to hear then is the national anthem - as they stand on the podium.