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RSPCA called to rescue 50 frogs dumped in Aldi car park

An RSPCA inspector was called to rescue 50 frogs who had been dumped in an Aldi car park in north London.

A passer-by found the army of amphibians jumping the car park in Kingsway, North Finchley at the weekend.

When an inspector arrived there more than 20 of the creatures hopping around loose, and another 30 in a tied-up plastic bag full of soil and algae.

It was clearly a completely hazardous environment for them to have been left in - with cars driving around unable to see them and nowhere for them to escape to. Two had sadly been run over and killed, but I got there just in time for the others.

I have no idea where these frogs might have come from or why someone would put them in a plastic bag and then leave them in a car park like this - but none of them would have survived if they had been left that way.

– Lauren Evans, RSPCA Inspector

The frogs were taken to the charity’s Putney Animal Hospital to be checked over, then later released back to the wild.

Anyone with any information about who may have left the frogs in this way should call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.