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Is your home 'earning' more than you?

Rising house prices mean homes are typically earning more than their owners.

According to the Halifax the biggest gap between rising property values and earnings over the last two years is in Haringey.

House prices there have increased by £91,450 more than the average wage over the last two years. This equates to a house price rising by £3,810 per month more than its owner is earning.

Harrow came second on the list, with average house price growth there outpacing average earnings by £77,791.

St Albans in Hertfordshire was third. Property values in the popular area with London commuters have inflated by £72,995 more than the average wage coming in there.

Here are the top 10 places where house price growth has beaten earnings.

  • 1. Haringey
  • 2. Harrow
  • 3. St Albans
  • 4. Waltham Forest
  • 5. Newham
  • 6. Watford
  • 7. Slough
  • 8. Redbridge
  • 9. Three Rivers
  • 10. Hounslow