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Pensioner fined £80 for feeding pigeons in Ealing

Credit: PA

A pensioner has been fined £80 by Ealing Council for littering whilst she fed pigeons.

The 71-year-old woman was giving bread to the birds when council officers handed her with a penalty notice.

The unnamed pensioner was enjoying feeding the pigeons in Haven Green in Ealing, west London, when she was fined.

She was given a penalty notice on Haven Green in Ealing, west London. Credit: Google Street View

An on-the-spot fixed-penalty notice (FPN) was issued after officers witnessed a shredded loaf of bread being thrown on the floor.

Discarded food and food containers account for a significant proportion of on-street litter which has to be constantly cleared by the council.

Dropping food, even to feed pigeons is a health risk and can attract pest species such as rats as well as being unpleasant for other residents.

"We are committed to ensuring that our streets and open spaces are litter-free, attractive places enjoyed by visitors and residents and we strongly discourage people from throwing food on the ground for seagulls and pigeons.