Trauma surgeon: London stabbings 'more serious, more frequent'

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On an average day in London five young people become victims of knife crime. It's a shocking statistic and it's one that's getting worse.

A senior surgeon at one of the capital's busiest hospitals says he's seeing more ferocious stabbings than ever and the father of one victim has said it's time to stop.

Jamel Boyce is living testament to the horrors of knife crime. His father Patrick took this video. He wants the world to see how young lives can be needlessly ruined in seconds.

I just received a call from his mother saying Jamel had been stabbed. My heart just dropped out of my body - I just rushed down to the hospital. A helicopter came to pick him up and the paramedic basically cut open his chest, sewed up his heart, sewed up his lung, started to massage the heart and brought him back to life.

PATRICK BOYCE, Jamel's father

One of London's leading trauma surgeons has had enough, he says stabbings are getting more serious and more frequent.

We see penetrating injuries everyday - to the extent that my surgical team sees more patients with penetrating injuries like that than they do you people with an appendicitis. >

DUNCAN BEW, Clinical Director, King's College Hospital

Stabbing fatalities have been going down, but doctors say that's down to improvements in emergency response times across London.