An artist has created a unique record of 2016 by drawing a picture on each day of the year.

From the mayoral election to simple scenes on a London bus, Tim King documented one event each day.

And he now wants to put his year's work together into a book - but needs your help. that shows every single day of 2016 in illustration. This will be a unique record of the year, telling the story of 2016 in a way that no other format can. I would love your help to make this happen. A range of rewards are available to say thank you. There are signed prints, drawing experiences and book copies available (and more!). PLUS all backers will have their name in the book.

Tim King

Here are just a few of Tim's pictures - you can find more on his Tumblr page.

Day 128, Picnic and a snooze in Greenwich Park Credit: Tim King
Day 183, People await their trains home on a Friday night in Euston Station Credit: Tim King
Day 205, Hundreds of Pokemon Go players flock to Parliament Square for a ‘lure party’ Credit: Tim King
Day 213, Planning tomorrow's route Credit: Tim King
Day 217, Metropolitan Police arrive at an incident outside Bank station Credit: Tim King
Day 309, Blackheath bonfire night Credit: Tim King
Day 327, Instagramming Credit: Tim King