Artist drew a picture of London every day for a year - but what did he draw on your birthday?

Tim's Drawing of 25th December - "Opening the Christmas presents". Credit: Tim King

Every day throughout 2016 artist Tim King took time out of his day to draw something that summed up his day.

His aim was to create a story that explored daily life as seen through the eyes of a Londoner. But what did he draw on your birthday last year?

February 29th 2016 - Bruno, head brewer of London Beer Lab explains the theory behind the mashing process during a beer making workshop. Credit: Tim King
March 20th 2016 - St Patricks Day celebrations in Skehans, Nunhead. Credit: Tim King
April 13th 2016 - When Laura packed my bag. Credit: Tim King
May 16th 2016 - Making veggie burgers. Credit: Tim King
June 3rd 2016 - After dinner chat. Credit: Tim King
July 17th 2016 - Frustrated Megabus customers wait in Victoria Coach Station. Credit: Tim King
August 21st 2016 - Kew gardens stamping. Credit: Tim King
September 21st 2016 - Sleeping after the SCP party. Credit: Tim King
November 14th 2016 - Where is the supermoon? Credit: Tim King
December 22nd 2016 - Watching Home Alone with a festive cheese board. Credit: Tim King

You can see the full year in images here.