Pair of peregrine falcons pick the top of a Woking office block to nest

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The pigeons in Woking are looking nervous. There may be safety in numbers but there's danger in the air.

A pair of peregrine falcons have, for the second year in a row, chosen the top of an office block to nest.

Credit: Twitter/@wokingperegrine

Unlike in the countryside peregrines have no predators in the city and their numbers are on the rise.

Swooping from that height they can reach speeds of 180mph.>The nest box was fitted last year along with a webcam. It became cult viewing with 5,000 people watching as the parents helped their young hatch.

Incubation usually takes 6 weeks so they should hatch at the end of April. To watch a live webcam of the peregrine falcons, click here.