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Westminster attack must serve as 'wake-up call' for tech giants, says Met chief

The Westminster attack must serve as a wake-up call for technology companies over their efforts to tackle terrorist content online, the acting head of Scotland Yard has warned.

Craig Mackey delivered a message to tech giants who came under fire for hosting extremist material, calling on them to grasp what it means to "put your own house in order".

Facebook, Google and Twitter are among firms that have repeatedly faced calls to do more to detect and remove jihadist and other extreme videos and web pages.

The officer stopped short of identifying any individual companies, but he said:

I think these sorts of incidents and the others we've seen in Europe are probably a bit of a wake-up call for the industry in terms of trying to understand what it means to put your own house in order.

If you are going to have ethical statements and talk about operating in an ethical way it actually has to mean something.

– Acting Commissioner Craig Mackey, Met Police