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Big money backer hopes to steer Billericay Town to the big time

Former Premier League stars are aiming to take non-league Billericay up the divisions. The club is spending £20,000-a-week on player wages hoping it will get them promoted.

The big name signings say they are there for the right reasons.

For me it's a stepping stone back into football. I want to get fit, I want to get out and I want to show people I'm committed to being a footballer.

I've never played football for money. People know that. I've never been motivated by money.

– JAMIE O'HARA, Former Tottenham Hotspur player

I'm here because it's a new task for me. It's something that I want to get my teeth into, starting from where we are now and hopefully getting into the football league.

– PAUL KONCHESKY, Former West Ham United player

Local millionaire Glenn Tamplin arrived at the club in December. But he doesn't just own it - he's the caretaker manager.

I want to achieve the local community to support this club. I want to achieve up to 4,000 or 5,000 fans. We're doing a fully disabled stand for the local disabled children.

It's pretty easy to talk the talk and it's all about walking the walk. I've been here 4 months so far. I've had 2 fans' forums. I've asked the fans what they want and I've given the fans what they want.

– GLENN TAMPLIN, Owner of Billericay Town FC

Now even in the chippy, the locals can't stop talking about their football club.

I used to go a couple of years ago - there was hardly any one there. But now at school, everyone's talking about 'are you going to the game' - and when we do go there are so many people that are going now compared to what it used to be

– Billy

Billericay would need to be promoted twice just to reach the football league. They're hoping to do that in the next couple of seasons.

Already the club's revolution is starting to have an impact. At the end of last year Billericay were getting around 200 fans for every match.

Now, they're getting more than 1,000 and they are hoping that support helps them push for promotion.

There is a lot of excitement in Essex but they need to prove that spending big foes make a difference on the pitch.