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Bus driver who crashed into house after a night of heavy drinking avoids jail

A bus driver has avoided jail after spending a night drinking vodka and margaritas before going to work and crashing his bus into a house.

Credit: SWNS

Frank Okanlawon, 56, ploughed his Arriva single-decker bus into two cars and a house while double the legal limit after partying in nightclubs from midnight until 9am.

After starting work late at around 6.30pm, he dropped off his last passenger two hours later and crashed.

He smashed through a garden wall and hit two cars in the driveway before smashing through next door's front garden and into their house.

He pleaded guilty to drink-driving but not guilty to dangerous driving, but was found guilty at a Magistrates Court in January.

Okanlawon, who had been driving busses for 17 years, had been due to start work at 4pm on May 21 last year but woke up late when a colleague called him check where he was.

He had spent the night before drinking margaritas and vodka and stopped his drinking session at 9am.

Woolwich Crown Court heard that he had been driving for 30 years and had a completely clean license before the crash.

Doctors at Princess Royal University Hospital in south east London found the drunk driver to have had more than double the legal alcohol limit in his blood.

Thankfully no-one else was injured and no passengers were on the bus when he failed to navigate a roundabout and crashed into the house in Dartford, Kent.

He has now lost his driving license and is no longer employed by the Arriva Bus company.

At Woolwich Crown Court on Wednesday Okanlawon was sentenced to nine months in prison, suspended for 12 months.

He was ordered to pay costs of £390 and is under curfew between 6am and 6pm for the year his sentence is suspended.