Is London's Garden Bridge doomed? Sadiq Khan urged to pull the plug

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London’s controversial Garden Bridge today appeared doomed after a damning audit urged Sadiq Khan to pull the plug.

The report by Labour MP Margaret Hodge said the £60m cost had risen to more than £200m and the project’s finances were in a ‘precarious state’.

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Dame Margaret said the project should be abandoned even though taxpayers would lose more than £45m.

The former chair of the influential Commons Public Accounts Committee was asked by London’s mayor to examine the bridge’s value for money.

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The mayor last year postponed a critical decision to underwrite the annual £3m maintenance costs until after Dame Margaret’s report.

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The Garden Bridge, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, was based on an idea by Absolutely Fabulous actress Joanna Lumley.>The charity trust behind the bridge said fundraising had effectively stalled since the start of Dame Margaret’s probe and the project was still £56m short of its target.>The Hodge report also concluded Transport for London’s tendering process for the bridge was not ‘open, fair and competitive’.