'Gorilla man' completes London Marathon after six days

Credit: Nina Massey/PA Wire

A police officer who spent six days crawling the London Marathon in a gorilla costume to raise money for charity has finally completed the 26-mile route.

Tom Harrison, aka Mr Gorilla, completed the lengthy running course on Saturday after pulling himself along using his hands, as well as his feet, for a gruelling 10 to 12 hours a day in a bid to raise awareness for the large primates.

Crossing the finish line on The Mall with his two sons by his side he beat his chest and gladly accepted a trophy from well wishers before admitting to reporters the journey "was tough at points" but he was "glad to have done it".

Mr Harrison, 41, started the marathon at 10.34am on Sunday and crossed the finish line at 11.45am on Saturday - raising more than £23,000 for the Gorilla Organisation in the process.

He said: "It's been long.

"It's kind of turned into a bit like going to work in that I get up in the morning don my gorilla outfit, go to the place I left off the day before and start crawling again, chatting to people along the way and doing some interviews.

"I'd try to do my four miles a day and then go home sweaty and tired at the end of it so it's been a bizarre week."