Why hedgehogs are disappearing as fast as wild tigers

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Natural protective prickles offer no defence against intensive farming. Lost habitat means hedgehogs are disappearing as fast as wild tigers.

Steve Ayton has turned his garden in Woking into a hedgehog haven. What some may see as messy they see as home.

The images below from Steve's night cameras offer charities like the Surrey Wildlife Trust a glimmer of hope that hogs can flourish in people's gardens. But, to form a plan, they need more data.

Of course not everyone's gardens are equipped with night vision cameras but there are other tricks to see what's crawling around your garden at night.

Steve Ayton with his hedgehog tunnel
When left out for a couple of nights this is what you can see - tiny paw prints from one of natures great wanderers

If you don't fancy cutting a hole a gap underneath will work too. Small changes can make a big difference.