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Labour's Kate Hoey photoshops rival out of photo... but forgets his legs

Labour candidate for Vauxhall Kate Hoey has come under fire for posting a bizarre picture on Twitter where her Lib Dem rival was airbrushed out of the shot - but his legs were left behind.

Kate Hoey posted the picture on her Twitter account yesterday, saying she was pleased to support the event.... Credit: @KateHoeyMP
.... but on closer inspection, there appears to be a pair of legs with no body attached in the background Credit: @KateHoeyMP

She put up the snap from a clean air protest in Lambeth yesterday, saying she was glad to support the children taking part. But George Turner, the Liberal Democrat candidate fighting to take her seat, was quick to point out that he was also at the event - and had mysteriously vanished from the picture.

Joking to his Lib Dem colleague Sarah Olney, who is in the photo, he said 'Notice anything strange, like my head disappearing?'

Speaking to ITV News, Ms Hoey admitted her staff had edited the picture, saying she didn't think it was fair that her rival turned up to what was supposed to be an apolitical event wearing his party rosette.

It was being turned into a party political event when it wasn't meant to be. I made a point of not wearing a rosette. George Turner was wearing a big rosette. Why should I tweet a picture of him with a rosette? If his legs were left in it must have been because I liked them.


The Brexit supporter was the sitting MP in the Vauxhall constituency with a 12,000 majority until Parliament was dissolved ahead of the general election. But the pro-EU Lib Dems are now targeting the seat.