Are we going to see a heatwave this week?

Headlines are promising a 'mini-heatwave' - so should we be cracking out the shorts and flip flops?

In a word, no.

It is true that today could be the hottest of the year (so far). The current record is 25.5C recorded in Cambridge on the 9th April. There's a good chance we could get to 26C (79F) today - but as we approach summer it is no surprise to be seeing temperatures increase. Whilst it will be very warm we're not going to be seeing a huge amount of sunshine. It's going to be oppresive and humid rather than bright and fine.

To count as a heatwave the daily maximum temperature needs to exceed the average by five degrees or more for at least five days. The average for mid May is 17C. We'll be five degrees above that today (26C) and tomorrow (22C) as we draw in humid air from North Africa but it will be cooler and significantly fresher on Thursday (18C).

This morning London hit 22C already

The main reason we shouldn't get too excited about this short spell of warm weather is the fact tomorrow will be a bit of a wash out. Expect up to 2cm of rain in some places. Great news for gardeners, bad news for commuters as the worst rain is due to hit during the evening rush hour.

So expect some hot and humid conditions for a couple of days and a few muggy nights but summer isn't here (yet).