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Frightening dashcam footage shows suspected thieves smashing in windscreen

The moment a pair of thieves rushed up to a van and smashed its windscreen with hammers while the driver was still inside has been caught on camera.

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David Grunfeld, who runs a sound system company, chased the pair in his company vehicle after thousands of pounds worth of equipment was stolen from him. His dashcam footage shows the pair of suspects coming to a stop in the middle of Lordship Lane in Stoke Newington - where they get out of their transit van and proceed to smash his windscreen in with hammers before driving off.

The two suspects can be clearly seen in the vehicle as they rush up to David's van Credit: @DG_S0UND_REAL

The incident happened on Friday morning at around 10.30am. Police in Hackney are reviewing the footage and are still looking for the suspects in it - who they say are around 6ft tall and aged between 30 and 35. No arrests have been made so far.