Nine of the world's most dangerous superbugs found on the tube

Nine of the most dangerous bacteria in the world have been found on the tube network during a new research study.

The research was commissioned by insurance company Staveley Head, and carried out by scientists at London Metropolitan University. They took four swabs on each of the different tube lines, and found more than 120 different types of mould and bacteria growing on the seats and handrails.

Of the bacteria they found, nine were antibiotic resistant bugs that the World Health Organisation had issued a warning about, including the potentially deadly Klebsiella Pneumoniae. The bug doesn't usually cause problems among healthy people, but can be very dangerous for sick people and those with weakened immune systems.

Usual health advice including washing your hands, keeping any wounds clean and avoiding touching your face or eyes with dirty hands should help to prevent any infections.

Of the tube lines the researchers tested, the Victoria Line was the worst with 22 different types of bacteria, while the Metropolitan Line was the cleanest with just 11. You can explore the full study here.