Man lifted into the air after getting stuck in level crossing

Credit: Carl Croucher

A Rainham man got an unexpected surprise from trying to jump a level crossing barrier - when his bike got stuck and lifted him on top of a street sign.

The man was lucky not to get seriously hurt as he hovered on top of the street sign Credit: Carl Croucher

He was photographed at Rainham train station yesterday evening by Carl Croucher, who was on his way home from work to nearby Romford.

In the first picture, the man can be seen dangling from the bike, which is lodged in the barrier a good ten feet in the air, while in the second photo he seems to have found his footing on top of a street sign.

Mr Croucher told ITV News the man was still hanging there when he left the station last night. It's not known whether he managed to dislodge the bike, or whether it was ever in a fit state to be used again.