Hopeless romantic writes world's longest love poem totalling 2,413 words

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Britain's most hopeless romantic has written the world's longest love poem but is still single.

Rajinder Tumber, 34, has beaten the world record for his ode to a woman, but says it "wasn't for anyone in particular".

The rhyming poem is called Divine Verse, totalling at 2,413 words.

But Rajinder, a cyber security specialist from Belvedere, south east London, is still looking for love.

Credit: SWNS
Rajinder Tumber Credit: SWNS

The poem is split into four parts and is made up of 244 lines. Rajinder has also written books on philosophy and ancient history, and a sci-fi novel.> His poem beats the current record - 'Evening Star', by Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu.

The opening stanza is: "Here I speak of two hearts, beating as one, Here I speak of a profound love, just begun. I shall begin by introducing the arena, Eden, crafted by goddesses, Aphrodite and Athena."

For details of how to read the poem in full click here.