Hopeless romantic writes world's longest love poem totalling 2,413 words

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Britain's most hopeless romantic has written the world's longest love poem but is still single.

Rajinder Tumber, 34, has beaten the world record for his ode to a woman, but says it "wasn't for anyone in particular".

The rhyming poem is called Divine Verse, totalling at 2,413 words.

But Rajinder, a cyber security specialist from Belvedere, south east London, is still looking for love.

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If I could find love with the poem, I'd be very grateful and happy. At the moment it is more about the concept of love itself, but you can always make time for a partner - love is the priority. It's just a case of finding the right one, it is difficult to find a partner. I nearly died from meningitis about six years ago, and that changed my outlook in life. The most important thing is love and the other is helping others. I want to contribute to the world and leave a legacy, it is making a statement by breaking that world record.

Rajinder Tumber
Rajinder Tumber Credit: SWNS

The poem is split into four parts and is made up of 244 lines. Rajinder has also written books on philosophy and ancient history, and a sci-fi novel.> His poem beats the current record - 'Evening Star', by Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu.

The opening stanza is: "Here I speak of two hearts, beating as one, Here I speak of a profound love, just begun. I shall begin by introducing the arena, Eden, crafted by goddesses, Aphrodite and Athena."

For details of how to read the poem in full click here.