London's mayor wants a total ban on petrol and diesel vehicles

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Sadiq Khan today sounded the death knell for the internal combustion engine with proposals for a total ban on petrol and diesel vehicles in Greater London.

The Mayor's new transport strategy outlined plans for a 'Zero Emissions Zone' in the capital by 2050.

The document included a series of radical measures to encourage Londoners to abandon their cars and take up walking and cycling.

The key points are:

  • Petrol and Diesel engines banned in London from 2050

  • Central London to be a 'zero emission zone' by 2025

  • Car parking spaces banned or restricted in new housing developments

  • New road tolls based on distance travelled and emissions

  • Car journeys in London to be cut by 3m a day

  • All Londoners expected to walk or cycle for at least 20 minutes a day

  • Fatal road accidents 'to be eliminated from London's streets' by 2041