Households still refusing to leave Chalcot estate

Credit: PA

Around 20 households are staying defiant on the Chalcot Estate in Camden and refusing to leave, despite an evacuation of thousands of residents yesterday over fire safety fears.

Residents who are still in the blocks have told ITV News this morning the evacuation was 'chaos'. Sayer Meah lives in Burnham Tower block with his wife and his elderly mother, who he cares for. He stayed at home last night, despite being asked to leave.

Falumo Dalah spent last night in his car, with his 16 month old baby and two sons who are aged six and seven.

A number of people spent a second night last night on air beds in two respite centres near the blocks, one set up inside Swiss Cottage library. However many have also now been moved into local hotels.

Yesterday's evacuation was voluntary, but the leader of the council said this morning officials would be visiting the blocks again to try and get the last residents out.

The council has made over 200 offers of accommodation so far at a cost of more than half a million pounds. It has also committed £100,000 to pay for food and essential items for those out of their homes.