Which borough should be named 'London Borough of Culture'?


The first hunt for London's Borough of Culture has been launched, with one area of the capital in line to receive more than £1 million in funding.

The capital's 32 boroughs will bid for the financial boost, with one taking the title in 2019 and another in 2020.

Announced by London Mayor Sadiq Khan at City Hall on Friday as an initiative to bring culture to all Londoners, local authorities will have five months to prepare applications before a decision is made on where to allocate the £2.8 million pot of funding for the two winning bids.

The funding will commit boroughs to introducing artistic initiatives and make culture an integral part of their future.

They will be tasked with bringing new opportunities to their area as well as shining a spotlight on existing treasures.

An extra £600,000 will be made available for other boroughs who put forward impressive projects.

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