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More than half of London’s LGBT+ venues have closed in past decade, 'with more still at risk'

More than half of London’s LGBT+ venues have closed in the past decade with more venues still at risk.

G-A-Y moved to Heaven after the Astoria closed on Charing Cross Road Credit: PA

A new report painted a stark picture for LGBT+ venues in the capital. Figures from University College London Urban Laboratory show there were 127 venues in 2006. That compares to 54 in 2017, a fall of 57%

The Black Cap in Camden closed in 2015 Credit: PA

One of the hardest-hit boroughs is Islington, which has lost 80% of its LGBT+ venues since 2006. During the same period, Lambeth lost 47% of its LGBT+ venues, with Camden and Westminster both losing 43%.

The main reason for closures are:

  • External pressures such as large-scale developments
  • A lack of safeguarding measures in the existing planning system
  • The sale and change of use of the property by landlords

The findings of today’s report are alarming but we are already taking action at City Hall to step in whenever we hear a venue is in trouble.

I want to say loud and clear – if you own or visit an LGBT+ venue which you believe is in trouble, reach out to me before it’s too late.

I am also calling on all venue operators, developers, pub companies and others to sign up to the Mayor’s LGBT+ Venue Charter and show that you are committed to keeping our precious venues open and thriving.

I hope that together, we can stem the tide of LGBT+ venue closures and maintain London’s reputation as a global capital of diversity.

– Amy Lamé, London’s Night Czar