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Eight penguins killed by a fox at Chessington World of Adventures

Eight penguins have been killed by a fox at Chessington World of Adventures after it broke into their water enclosure.

Credit: PA

Staff say the attack involved five adult and three infant Humboldt penguins, blaming an urban fox for the killings. A ninth penguin was also injured.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of eight of our Humboldt penguins, which it is apparent were killed by an urban fox that infiltrated their home at Penguin Bay overnight at the end of June. Another penguin was injured, but received veterinary care and has made a full recovery. An investigation is now under way to find out how the fox managed to get into Penguin Bay - despite measures having been put in place to deter foxes from the enclosure. The remaining 20 penguins have been moved to a secure location.

– Lisa Britton, assistant zoo manager at Chessington World of Adventures