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Police swoop on pensioner's cottage to seize Yorkshire Terrier

Seven police officers swooped on a pensioner's cottage in Kingston to seize her 'dangerous' Yorkshire Terrier.

Police arrived at the 73-year-old's home after Alfie chased a delivery man. The dog ran towards the courier who fell to the ground, according to the dog's owner Claudia Settimo.

Claudia Settimo said seven officers in five cars came to take her pet who weighs less than a stone.

The driver then ran away from the 73-year-old's garden and fell over as the animal jumped up at him.

As soon as he saw my dog he was screaming like a lunatic, screaming 'he's killing me'.

He was screaming so loudly people came running out because they thought someone was being attacked.

– Claudia Settimo

Claudia said she received a delivery from an online order and, because Alfie becomes excited around people and she lives on the ground floor, she asked the courier to leave the package outside the door.

About ten minutes later she went outside, but the courier was still there and Alfie ran through her legs to chase a cat or squirrel.

Claudia said Alfie, who she has had since he was a puppy, was taken away and she does not know when she will see him again.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirmed a search warrant was carried out at 8.08am on Friday and a dog was seized under Section 5 of the Dangerous Dogs Act. If it is ruled little Alfie is a dangerous dog, he could be put down.