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Pony stabbed over 30 times in brutal attack

Kizzy, a 25-year-old pony, was stabbed in an overnight attack. Credit: Lisa Reed/SWNS

A pony has survived after being stabbed over 30 times across her face and body.

Owner Angel Reed went to check on 25-year-old Kizzy on Wednesday morning at her stables in Northolt, northwest London, when she made the shocking discovery.

The 13HH pony is 'on the mend' after the vicious attack. Credit: Lisa Reed/SWNS

"Kizzy couldn't get up, she had cuts all over body, legs, and face," Angel's mother Lisa said.

"She had about 30 cuts all over her body, slices and stab wounds, and the biggest cut was about four inches long.

"She was shaking all over and collapsed on the floor in her stable, she was really stressed and in shock," Lisa added.

Kizzy's injuries were luckily not life-threatening. Credit: Lisa Reed/SWNS

Vets luckily managed to save the horse at Down Barns, but the family have been left traumatised by the horrific event.

Angel went up to the field around 11:30 on Wednesday but when she saw Kizzy was in the field away from the herd, she knew something was wrong straight away.

My husband Steven turned up as soon as he could and we gave the horse some painkillers to stand up.

We called a vet and the police and just burst into tears, we're all disgusted.

– Lisa Reed, Kizzy's owner
No arrest have been made following the incident. Credit: Lisa Reed/SWNS

"I have no idea why anyone would do something so evil to an animal - God knows what they'd do to a person," Lisa said.

"Kizzy is the smallest pony on the field and I think they thought let's torture her, which is how it looks. She's about 13 hands so she's only little," she added.

Another horse was also slashed on its back.

Kizzy pictured in happier times. Credit: Lisa Reed/SWNS

Lisa said Kizzy "really is a fighter" and stressed the pony is "slowly on the mend."

The attack is being investigated by police in Ealing.

"No arrests have been made. Enquiries are ongoing," a Metropolitan Police spokesperson added.