London's massive fatberg to be turned into renewable energy

Britain's biggest fatberg weighing a whopping 130-tonnes is to be transformed into eco-friendly fuel.

The 250 metre-long congealed mass of fat, oil, gress wet wipes and nappies has been slowly been plugging Victorian sewers for years.

The fatberg, which is more than twice the length of two football pitches, took an eight-strong crew using high-powered jet hoses to break up and dislodge the mass.

Credit: Thames Water

The team has now transferred the fatberg to a specialist plant where it will be processed with other fats and greases and transformed into a biodiesel.

But unflushable elements including baby wipes, condoms and sanitary products, in the ugly mass found beneath the streets of Whitechapel, east London, will be disposed of.

Credit: Thames Water