Hi-tech crossing alerts drivers to pedestrians on mobiles

A hi-tech crossing alerts drivers when a pedestrian using a mobile phone steps in front of traffic.

The surface of the so-called smart crossing features LED lights which illuminate based on the movement of road users detected by cameras.

Credit: Umbrellium/Direct Line

This means a thick red line lights up across the road when someone walks out unexpectedly.

Other features include the crossing becoming wider when there are lots of people waiting to use it, and extra warnings to cyclists when pedestrians are hidden by high-sided vehicles.

Credit: Umbrellium/Direct Line

The pedestrian crossings that we use every day are about 50 or 60 years old. It was designed for a different idea of a city. We're trying to update it for the 21st century with a crossing that deals with the fact that people are on mobile phones and they might not be looking up, vehicles might be coming more often, there might be pedestrians suddenly coming out at the end of a film needing to cross. This is trying to perform very much like a traditional crossing with the difference that it responds in real time.

Usman Haque, Umbrellium