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Head embroiled in row over A-level students is suspended

The head of a grammar school which came under fire after it told pupils they could not continue their A-level studies has been suspended.

St Olave's grammar school Credit: Google Street View

Aydin Onac has been suspended from his role at St Olave's Grammar School in Orpington.

The school found itself at the centre of a row after it emerged parents were pursuing legal action over its decision to withdraw places from two sixth-formers who had failed to achieve certain grades - preventing them from carrying on into Year 13.

Judicial review proceedings against the governing body of St Olave's began with claimants arguing the school's decision was a form of unlawful exclusion.

Lawyers said pupils had failed to achieve Bs in any of their subjects taken in the first year of sixth form.

Dr Paul Wright, chair of St Olave's governing body announced Mr Onac had been suspended:

I have been informed that the London Borough of Bromley will be conducting an investigation of St Olave's Grammar School in respect of concerns that have been raised over recent weeks. In light of this, and in order to protect the integrity of the investigation, Mr Onac has been suspended from all of his responsibilities as headmaster of the School. In the meantime, members of the senior leadership team, along with other senior teachers, will be responsible for the day to day running of the School during Mr Onac's absence. Please remember that this suspension is without prejudice and does not presume any particular outcome. We are committed to full transparency and will be cooperating fully with the local authority in this matter.

– Dr Paul Wright, chair of St Olave's governing body

The suspension of the head is a matter for the Board of Governors.

Bromley Council has been working very closely with the new Head of Governors at St Olave's in response to recent events and can confirm that there will be an investigation into concerns raised, though we cannot comment further at this time.

– Bromley Council