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Family-of-five's home nearly demolished by huge oak tree

A family are lucky to be alive after their house was almost demolished by a massive oak tree.

Credit: SWNS

The end terrace was left in ruins after the tree suddenly toppled over.

Credit: SWNS

Photos showed teams of emergency services desperately trying to remove the enormous oak, which is about six-feet taller than the building.

Credit: SWNS

It was eventually pulled out after special equipment was used to cut it into pieces - leaving behind the ruined side wall of the house, in Crawley, West Sussex.

Credit: SWNS

We were called to reports that a large oak tree had fallen on to a house at 12.30pm. On arrival it was clear it had caused severe damage.

There were no injuries but a family of five were displaced and two neighbouring properties were also evacuated.

The Red Cross was also requested to help.

– West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service
Credit: SWNS

Tree surgeons were called in to cut away as much of the oak as possible, before the rest was pulled out.

Heavy machinery including trucks and a JCB were also used during the recovery operation.

The fallen tree tore a huge hole through the top half of the side wall and internal breeze blocks were also exposed by the crush.

But it is still a mystery why the tree, which was growing about 15 feet away from the house, toppled over.