Big Ben chimes for the first time in three months

Big Ben bonged again on Thursday. Credit: PA

It's been silenced for the past three months, but on Thursday Big Ben rung out once more across central London.

Tourists and politicians in Westminster however were warned to not set their watches by the famous bongs, as engineers expected there to be "slight inaccuracies" following an 11-week break for conservation work.

Palace of Westminster clock-makers will be working through the day to adjust the bells to make sure they strike at exactly the right time for Armistice Day.

Big Ben will be central to the weekend's commemorations in London as the famous bell bongs on the 11th hour of the 11th day of November.

The familiar chimes will also ring out during Remembrance Sunday events.

The Elizabeth Tower is undergoing maintenance work. Credit: PA

The Elizabeth Tower, which holds the famous bell, is surrounded by scaffolding for essential works which are expected to last four years.

When Big Ben was silenced in August it was made clear that it would be restarted for important national events.

The bells will be disconnected again after Sunday's commemorations, but will next ring out over the Christmas period.

Big Ben will also ring out over the Christmas period. Credit: PA