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Plan to ban parking spaces from some new London homes

Parking spaces will be banned from new homes and office blocks in parts of London under a plan to reduce car use.

The plan, announced by London's mayor, aims to reduce road congestion and air pollution. Under the scheme, car parking spaces will not be allowed as part of residential developments which have the best public transport links. New offices in the centre of the capital will not be able to include commuter or visitor parking.

Spaces for disabled people to park will still be allowed and cycle parking will be increased in several areas, including outside shops and student accommodation.

The measures, which will be subject to a public consultation, represent the latest in a series of efforts to boost air quality.

Air pollution causes an estimated 40,000 premature deaths a year in the UK and is linked to health problems from childhood illnesses to heart disease and even dementia.

We need to be bolder in encouraging people to reduce their reliance on cars.

It's essential for dealing with congestion as London's population grows, and crucial for reducing our toxic air pollution emissions. My draft London Plan will set out how I want to transform how London's infrastructure works, making cycling and walking a safe and convenient alternative for millions more journeys every day.

– Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London