Sharp rise in parents being abused by their violent children

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By Ben Hunte: ITV London reporter

According to an ITV London investigation, the number of parents being abused by their children has nearly doubled over the last five years.

Met Police figures show reports of child-to-parent violent offences grew from 920 in 2012 to 1801 in 2016 - a 95% increase. Offences of GBH (grievous bodily harm) have increased from 20 in 2012 to 125 in 2016.

Despite this, sufferers of child-to-parent abuse say there are few places for them to seek help, and the only support usually given by local authorities is advice.

One victim, a mother who spoke anonymously, said: “My 11-year-old son became abusive towards me when I announced I was pregnant with a new partner."

Joseph Lettieri is a Project Manager for the charity PAARS (Parent Abuse & Reconciliation Service), a London service specialising in long-term support for parents who are being abused by their children. They have seen referrals double over the last year.