Murdered daughter could have disturbed father's killers

Noel and Marie Brown were both strangled at their home in Deptford Photo: Metropolitan Police

Detectives are looking into the possibility that a woman was killed because she disturbed the men who had just murdered her father. Marie Brown was found dead with her father Noel at his flat in Deptford in the early hours of Monday after officers forced their way inside. The nursery nurse was concerned because she hadn’t been able to get hold of her father and used her key to let herself into the property.

Marie Brown was found dead with her father in the early hours of Monday Credit: Facebook

Detective Superintendent Paul Monk told ITV news that this is one of many theories he is investigating:

“There were no signs of forced entry. Both father and daughter had been strangled and there are indications that the killer tried to dismember Noel Brown’s body. It may well be that Marie walked in as this was happening and that is why she was also killed but we can’t be sure. This is only one line of inquiry”.

Police believe Marie may have disturbed her father's murderers in the process of dismembering his body Credit: Metropolitan Police

Uniformed officers were around the New Butt Lane area where the double murder happened today handing out leaflets and appealing for information.

Noel Brown had lived in the area for some time and was well known at the local betting shop but detectives say rumours that he was killed by robbers trying to steal cash he’d won on a bet are not true.

Detective Superintendent Monk said: “Noel’s betting was more a social habit. He did it to meet other people. He would usually just bet a pound at a time. The most he ever won was £15."

Police want to speak to anyone who saw Marie or her father in the hours leading up to their deaths Credit: Facebook

Marie Brown worked as a crèche leader at a primary school in Nunhead. She had two daughters aged 9 and 18.

It’s emerged Mr Brown was convicted for a sexual offence 18 years ago but detectives are not convinced this had anything to do with the attack.

Detectives want to speak to anyone who saw 69-year-old Mr Brown or his 41-year-old daughter in the hours before they were murdered. Det Supt Monk said: “I urgently need the public's help to establish the last movements about Noel Brown and his daughter in the days before the deaths”