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Fake Fingerlings seized at Heathrow Airport

The fake toys were seized at Heathrow Airport. Credit: Surrey County Council

Fingerlings – robotic animals such as monkeys and unicorns which fit on a finger and blink, babble and turn their heads – have been described as this year’s “must-have” Christmas toy.

The containment was barred from entering the UK after officials found there were no documents to confirm the items met safety standards.

Trading Standards officers are now urging Christmas shoppers to avoid buying products which are not genuine.

“These toys are in great demand this Christmas but unscrupulous manufacturers are attempting to cash in on shortages by churning out copies on a mass scale.

“There’s often no way of knowing whether they meet strict toy safety standards and they’re also more likely not to work properly, with no easy way of getting refunds or replacements. To avoid fakes, we’d urge shoppers to look out for misspelt words or typos on the packaging and make sure the name and address of the manufacturer or importer is clearly visible in case there’s a problem.”

– Denise Turner-Stewart, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities