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Robber left elderly poppy seller in hospital for six months

A robber left an elderly woman in hospital for six months after he attacked her for her Poppy Appeal tin.

Patrick O'Leary Credit: SWNS

Patrick O'Leary, 46, mugged the 70-year-old charity collector outside her home, also stealing her handbag and cash.

He left the woman, from north west London, with a serious head injury.

O'Leary was convicted of robbery and inflicting grievous bodily harm at Harrow Crown Court and will be sentenced at a later date.

This was a vicious robbery on an elderly lady that left her suffering serious injuries.

Having heard from witnesses to the incident and being shown CCTV footage placing O'Leary and his vehicle in the vicinity of the attack, the jury rejected his claim that he was not responsible.

I hope this conviction provides some closure to the victim and her family.

– District crown prosecutor Ellis Williams said: "