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A simple document to tackle the stigma of suicide among the young

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Daniel Clarke was a clever and creative 14-year-old boy from Reigate in Surrey who last year, to the shock of his friends and family, took his own life.

Daniel Clarke

The guilt, the grief, the blame, it felt as if there was an empty space and there still is an empty space inside me - a longing something that's gone and that's just never going to come back and it's very painful.

– NINA CLARKE, Daniel's mum
Daniel Clarke

Daniel's family knew he was going through a tough time but never thought he would attempt suicide.

It really was a shock when it happened. You think about children dying by accidents and the injuries they get playing sport. But suicide is the biggest killer of young people - I had no idea and nobody talks about it until it actually happens - it's criminal - it's incomprehensible actually.

– NINA CLARKE, Daniel's mum

Each year more than 200 schoolchildren are lost to suicide and it's hoped a new education pack for teachers could help change that. Schools are being encouraged to download the pack for free.

New education pack for teachers

The pressure adolescents feel now is much worse than it's been before and I don't think it is just exams I think the social media pressures are quite exponentially different from anything any of us can remember. And [the pack] helps give us the vocabulary to help these boys and girls.

– ANDREW HALLS, Headteacher, King's College School

It's a simple document but it's hoped it will give teachers confidence in helping their pupils.

They should just engage with it like they engage with so many other difficult things they do everyday in school and not be afraid. They can really save lives.

– NINA CLARKE, Daniel's mum

The message - tackle the stigma - and don't be afraid to talk about suicide for the sake of children like Daniel.

To download the new education pack for teachers, click here

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