Giant 'fatberg' the height of a bus and made of real lard appears in central London

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A giant 'fatberg' made of real lard appeared in central London today. The huge mass is the height of a London bus and is more than 10ft wide, and surfaced along the city's South Bank.

It's hoped the massive mound of fat will encourage Brits to seriously think about the health impacts - inside and out - of overindulging over the Christmas period.

The fatberg was created following a survey of 2,000 young professionals which found they gained 4.41lbs during Yuletide.

Credit: PA/Thriva
Credit: PA/Thriva

The research also found 11 per cent of those polled will have abandoned their January health kick by today - rising to 37 per cent by the end of the week.> One in 10 admit they are half a stone heavier this month than they were at the beginning of last month.> This equates to a collective national weight gain of 131,296 tonnes - twice as heavy as HMS Queen Elizabeth.