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Acid attacker Arthur Collins jail sentence extended over smuggled mobile

Acid attacker Arthur Collins has been jailed for a further eight months for using a smuggled mobile phone to call his ex-girlfriend Ferne McCann from his prison cell.

Arthur Collins Credit: PA

Collins hid the device, two sim cards and two memory sticks inside a crutch while on remand in September, before his trial over the brutal nightclub attack.

In December he was jailed for 20 years for the incident at an east London nightclub, which left 16 people with chemical burns and three people temporarily blinded.

He admitted hiding the phone in the crutch, which he had been using after hurting his feet trying to evade police while on the run.

Judge Nicholas Heathcote Williams, told him:

The presence of a mobile phone or component part such as a sim card has many implications, not only for the prison establishment, but also the wider environment.

It provides a prisoner or prisoners with an opportunity to communicate they would otherwise not have.

This therefore allows them to act in a way prison is supposed to prevent them from doing.

– Judge Nicholas Heathcote Williams
Ferne McCann Credit: PA

Collins' lawyer Audrey Mogan told Bromley Magistrates' Court that he had used the phone not "for any sinister purpose" but to make private calls to his pregnant ex-girlfriend Ferne McCann, who gave birth in November.

Mangle E8 nightclub in Dalston Credit: PA

Collins hurled a corrosive substance over a crowd on the dance floor at Mangle E8 nightclub in Dalston, east London, in April last year.