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Local Government Association calls for national database of faulty electrical goods

The remains of a tumble dryer that started a tower block fire in Shepherd's Bush in 2016. Photo: London Fire Brigade

The Local Government Association has said the Government should introduce a database which lists which electrical goods have been recalled for safety issues. It believes that consumers may not realise they have products in their homes which have a known fault and could cause a fire.

The Association says almost one fire a day in London is linked to a white good such as dishwashers and freezers. There have been several major fires in the capital which started in a white good, including the Grenfell Tower fire which killed 71 people.

The Grenfell Tower fire started in a fridge freezer. Credit: PA

With more than 500 types of appliance recalled over the last decade, there is clearly a pressing need for a single, national register of product recalls which the public can access quickly and easily, instead of having to search company websites, or voluntary sites, separately.

– Cllr Simon Blackburn, Local Government Association

The Association also says there are not clear rules how manufacturers should publicise recalls.

The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) has welcomed the idea but is concerned that consumers will not check the database. They say that because there are millions of white goods in the UK, it is impossible for manufacturers to keep track of who owns which type of product. Instead, AMDEA runs a registration scheme which allows people to register their white goods so the manufacturer can contact them if a fault in a particular product is discovered.