Tessa Jowell receives rare standing ovation in House of Lords after moving speech on cancer and life's meaning

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  • Video report by ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand

Former Labour cabinet minister Dame Tessa Jowell has been given a standing ovation in the House of Lords after a moving speech on her treatment for rare brain cancer.

Peers stood and clapped Baroness Jowell for more than a minute after her address which included an appeal for new cancer treatments on the NHS.

Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt was among those to applaud Baroness Jowell after her emotional speech.

"In the end, what gives a life meaning is not only how it is lived, but how it draws to a close," Dame Tessa told the Lords.

"I hope this debate will give hope to other cancer patients like me. So that we can live well with cancer, not just be dying of it. All of us. For longer."

She received a standing ovation from her peers.

The former culture secretary, who was Olympics minister during London 2012, said patients should be allowed to take the risk of having different innovative treatments on the NHS.

Dame Tessa has been treated in London on the NHS but had advice from the US and consulted a doctor in Germany.