Could you spot a fake? Counterfeit goods seized in London's West End

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A trading standards team seized thousands of fake goods mimicking big name brands including Nike, Victoria's Secret and Apple from sellers in central London.

Westminster Trading Standards found hundreds of illegal knock-offs in London's West End, which retailers passed off as the real deal to unsuspecting buyers.

EarPods counterfeits Credit: SWNS

They worked with the big name retailers after they received consumer complaints about counterfeits of their goods to help identify traders selling the fakes.

Between September and December, Westminster City Council seized more than 1,000 phone cases, over 150 potentially unsafe cushions, and hundreds of unsafe phone adaptors.

Bulk evidence bags of seized goods Credit: SWNS

Fake goods found during Operation Tango included a convincing copy of a popular children's Fingerling toy and an Apple iPhone charging cable that looked nearly identical to the genuine article.

Convicted traders could be fined thousands and put behind bars.