Crossrail at 'worrying stage' after electrical explosion, says City Hall

London's giant Crossrail project has reached a 'worrying stage' following an unexpected electrical explosion, according to a senior City Hall official.

Crossrail engineers walk alongside completed tracks of the Crossrail project Credit: PA

Underground test runs of the new £1bn train fleet were halted after two electrical transformers blew up at a sub station in east London.

The setback, blamed on a 'design error' is preventing engineers from switching on the overhead cables which power the trains.

A fresh attempt last night to 'energise' the system failed. The explosion on November 11th was only revealed by Crossrail bosses this week.

Deputy Mayor for Transport Val Shawcross today admitted the £14.8bn project faced a number of risks, including possible problems with the complex signal software.

The fact is that this is the very last stages now of a huge and complex project and there are risks and I think we shouldn't hide that any project like this there are risks.

This is the worrying stage of the project and our commitment is to be honest with people about what's going on.


Crossrail, renamed the Elizabeth Line is due to open in December.