Handed a short pint? Ask for a top-up, City drinkers told

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A campaign has been launched to encourage drinkers in the City of London to feel confident asking for top-ups on short measure pints.

Trading Standards officers are recommending that a pint should mean a pint of liquid and drinkers are well within their rights to request a top-up if they want one.

Beer mats have been produced that help consumers check if a pint is short, and drinkers are being encouraged to contact City of London Trading Standards if they are sold a short pint but do not feel confident to ask for a top-up - or if they get an unhelpful reaction when they do.

Industry body the British Beer And Pub Association says a pint should contain a minimum of 95% liquid and 5% head.

Consumers are well within their rights to make sure they get exactly what they've paid for.

Steve Playle, Trading Standards manager at the City of London Corporation