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Cheesemaker prepares for London marathon by lifting giant blocks of cheddar

A cheesemaker preparing for the London marathon is in training - by lifting giant blocks of cheddar.

Credit: SWNS

Tom Elliott, 37, lifts huge wheels of cheese, otherwise known as truckles, weighing up to 27kg - and does so up to 200 times per day.

Dad-of-two Tom, who is training to run the London Marathon in April, works as a cheesemaker in Dorset.

Credit: SWNS

His job sees him moving up to 200 Cheddar truckles each day, taking the cheese 200 feet underground into the caves at Wookey Hole, Somerset.

Here, it ages and becomes the Cheddar that hits supermarket shelves.

And Ford Farm has also just built a new cave into their hillside, to meet the increasing demand for Ford Farm's Cave Aged Cheddar.

The time has come for me to take on the life time goal of completing a marathon.

Having been a keen runner for many years I always wanted my first marathon to be a big event, and I'm sure everyone would agree it doesn't get much bigger than the London Marathon.

This day was made even more eventful for me in 2013, when my daughter Flori was born on the day of the London Marathon itself.

– Tom Elliott