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Bake Off finalist Steven Carter-Bailey: Bending the rules of baking to cater for the dairy-free scene

One of the world's fastest growing lifestyle movements is veganism which has more than 100,000 followers in London alone.

Over the last 10 years there has been a 360 per cent rise in the number of people taking up the diet and there are now plenty of businesses following suit too.

Former 'Great British Bake Off' contestant Steven Carter-Bailey has visited some of the capital's unique bakeries for ITV News London. And after a huge surge in the number of people who took up last month's Veganuary campaign, we sent him to investigate how the capital is bending the rules of baking to cater for the dairy-free scene.

If you're interested in making some vegan cakes too watch Ms Cupcake giving Steven Carter-Bailey a full cooking lesson below - and you may be surprised to learn one of the secret ingredients is vinegar.

Could London's bakers be leading the way in preparing for Brexit? Shops selling cakes, sweets and sourdough bread across the capital say they learned the recipe for business success decades ago - and it's all about going local. In his next report for us, Bake Off star Stephen Carter-Bailey has been meeting the Barnet baker who claims joining the EEC back in the 1970s was actually a large slice of luck.

Much of central London has changed beyond all recognition over the last century or so but one little bakery in Soho has stood the test of time. The French owned Masion Bertaux was established back in 1871 - and while all around it, life has come and gone, it's still cooking for the public and the odd celebrity too. So we sent Bake Off star Stephen Carter-Bailey to find out the secret to surviving in modern London.